The J.I.K. Principle

J.ab and stab

I.ncise, and Impact

K.eep and Control 


In Cantonese, the word Jik means profession, as in one’s job. It also means straight, as in straight forward. A prominent form of Kung-Fu is called Jik Bow Kuen or Straight Step Punch. Thus, the JIK is a compact knife to be used by the armed professional, in a straight forward linear fashion, during close quarters lethal force engagement.

Inspired by the knuckle daggers and military trench knives of the past, the J.I.K. Trench is the first weapon in the IMCS R&D series. A modern redesign of these combat proven war relics with an emphasis on the J.I.K. Principle; has resulted in an extremely robust, versatile and easily manipulated piece of steel for the armed professional. 

The JIK can deliver vicious stabbing attacks to vital targets, as well as ripping slashes and back cuts to an adversary's extremities.

The numerous grip positions allow the operator to deliver smashing blows to the central nervous system and bony protrusions of the limbs. The JIK is used as part of a comprehensive weapon retention protocol.

The weapon itself is easily retained by the use of its grip holes. The weapon can be used in a multitude of grip positions and can be used with or without the holes. The handle can be choked up on or held with just the pommel, in numerous extended grips. The handle has plenty of purchase area for gross motor reference. When grasped under stress, the knife can be deployed regardless of the position of the blade edge.

Handgun and rifle reloading, among other tasks can be performed with the JIK in hand, retained by the holes.

The JIK can be carried in a neck knife configuration or belt slide carry. The knife can be integrated onto a duty belt or load bearing body armor. Supporting side (off-hand) appendix carry is recommended for duty belt configurations.

The JIK is small and thin, taking up minimal space on the body.

The JIK is perfect for undercover operators and low profile protection personnel.

A synthetic G10 Mini J.I.K. Trench is in development.

These knives are not currently for sale to the general public. 

J.I.K. Trench Combat Knife designed by IMCS Research & Development
Cord Wrap Grip
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